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Bio: Alfonse DeMarinis

Alfonse DeMarinis was a Soldier in the Bonanno Family.

Born February 15, 1906 at 326 East 12th St in East Village, Manhattan to Enrico DeMarinis and Louise Porazzo.

Given the nickname 'Big Al' to differentiate him from a brother, Albert aka 'Little Al'. Albert later moved to the Bronx but Alfonse remained in East Village through at least the 1980s.

No information available on his early activities. First known arrest was in July 1943 for gambling. Approximately a dozen more on similar charges occurred into the early 1960s.

By the 1950s DeMarinis was a formally inducted member of the Bonanno Family. CI information would later indicate he was sponsored for membership by Angelo 'Moe' Prisinzano.

By 1962 he resided at 66 St. Mark's Place in East Village. His primary activity was working crap games centered in lower Manhattan. Close associates included Antonio Adamo and Michael Sabella, who may have been his Captain at the time.

In November 1965 he was surveilled at the wedding reception for Bonanno Acting Boss Gasper DiGregorio's daughter in Huntington, Long Island.

The following October a benefit dance was held at Riccardo's Restaurant in Astoria, Queens in honor of Gambino Soldier Joseph 'Piney' Armone, set to begin a fifteen year sentence at USP Lewisburg following a narcotics conviction. Bonannos present aside from DeMarinis included Acting Capodecina Frank Mari and Epifanio 'Frank Fauney' D'Angelo, another obscure member from East Village. An FBI informant was also among the attendees, and it was through this source that the FBI learned 'Big Al' LNU, who they already knew of as an East side gambling figure, was also a made member with the Bonanno Family.

By Fall 1967 'Big Al' was positively identified as Alfonse DeMarinis when the FBI tracked him down for an interview. At the time he managed Rapoport's Restaurant on 2nd Ave. Professed ignorance of LCN in general and Joseph Bonanno in particular but admitted involvement with gambling.

In September 1968 arrested for gambling during the Feast of San Gennaro in Little Italy. This may have been his final arrest, and like nearly every previous case resulted in either dismissal or a small fine.

By 1971 no longer held employment with Rapoport's Restaurant and rarely seen in attendance at local crap games. Interviewed and claimed inactivity in large part due to the need to act as caretaker for ailing family member.

Attended August 29-30, 1973 wake for Bonanno Boss Natale Evola held in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. In March 1974 FBI interview admitted knowing Evola 'since childhood'.

By 1975 involved in gambling operation headquartered out of Windsor Garage and adjacent Victory Star Social Club on East 76th St in Manhattan's Upper East Side. Participants included DeMarinis, Bonanno Soldier Antonio Adamo, Genovese Soldier Frank Cacciatore and the Schiro brothers, one of whom headed the DeCavalcante Family's Manhattan faction. The social club itself was controlled by the Gambino Family's Arcuri regime.

By Fall 1975 Soldier in crew headed by former sponsor Angelo Prisinzano. The majority of those under Prisinzano were from either Lower Manhattan or Bath Beach area of Brooklyn. (Note: During this period of time the FBI succeeded in developing a member source in the Bonanno Family. The source, who has yet to be identified, also reported to Prisinzano.)

By September 1977 DeMarinis had been transferred to Armand 'Buddy' Pollastrino. As a member of Pollastrino's crew, he entered into partnership with an unspecified Lucchese Family member in a Bronx crap game and also resumed involvement in neighborhood gambling activity.

A string of regime changes followed the July 1979 murder of Carmine Galante. Armand Pollastrino initially kept his rank and even had his power expanded with the addition of members from other now-defunct crews, but around April 1980 he was also taken down and replaced by Dominick 'Trin' Trinchera. After Trinchera's own murder in May 1981 control went to Gabriel Infanti.

L to R: Prisinzano, Pollastrino, Trinchera, Infanti
As late as Summer 1987 DeMarinis continued to be active in East Village, reportedly assisting Infanti with a numbers operation conducted out of a local travel agency at 78 East 4th St.

On December 17, 1987 Infanti was murdered on orders from the Bonanno leadership. Members of his regime were subsequently split up amongst multiple crews. No information is currently available indicating which crew DeMarinis was placed with, or if he continued to be active in Family affairs. He died on or around March 12, 1995.

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