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2007 LE Report (DeCavalcante)

Francesco Guarraci (1990s)
On December 3, 2007 FBI Newark Field Office reported:
[Information has been received] from three independent sources indicating that there is currently an internal power struggle occurring within the DeCavalcante LCN Family. Sources have reported that Francesco Guarraci is currently the Consigliere of the DeCavalcante LCN Family, and Guarraci has a lot of 'headaches' because the sons of incarcerated Boss John Riggi have been making moves to take over control of the DeCavalcante LCN Family.

During the late part of October 2007, a [Redacted] source reported that a picture of John Riggi was recently hung inside of Sam's Restaurant (former CafĂ© Italia) across the street from the Ribera Club in Elizabeth, NJ. On [10/24/07], FBI Task Force [Officers] entered Sam's Restaurant and observed a frame portrait of John Riggi hanging on the wall inside of Sam's Restaurant.

During recent surveillance, [LE] have observed DeCavalcante LCN Family Associate [Redacted] being accompanied by [Redacted] while conducting 'settle-ups' for [Redacted] bookmaking operation. [Redacted] have been observed at the City Tavern and at Manolo's Restaurant, both on Elizabeth Avenue in Elizabeth, NJ.

…[Redacted] has been previously identified by FBI cooperating witnesses as an individual who once reported to deceased DeCavalcante LCN Family Captain Frank Polizzi, and was partners with DeCavalcante LCN Family Soldier [Redacted] in a sports betting, gambling and loansharking operation that was active from the Newark, NJ to the Montclair, NJ area...Intelligence on file at the New Jersey State Commission of Investigation dating back to 2002 indicates that [Redacted] is a [Redacted] of the DeCavalcante LCN Family who had been recently inducted at that time. [Redacted] reported to Frank Polizzi and was observed at Polizzi's wake in December of 2001. [Redacted] street name is [Redacted] because [Redacted].

The final paragraph may be referring to Francesco 'Frank the Painter' Paparatto.

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DeCicco Wakes (Gambino)

Details on the wakes of Gambino Family members Vincent and Frank DeCicco.

These are partial lists compiled from LE surveillance reports.

The documents are redacted but indicate that both events were attended by a large number of additional OC figures not listed.

Both were held at Scarpaci Funeral Home located at 1401 86th St in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.


Gambino Soldier Vincent, aka 'Bozey / Boozy', died March 18, 1979. His wake was held over the following two days.

Attendees included:

- Paul Castellano (Gambino Boss)

- Aniello Dellacroce (Gambino Underboss)
- Nicholas 'Nicky Glasses' Marangello (Bonanno Underboss)

- Joseph N. Gallo (Gambino Consigliere)
- Alphonse 'Allie Boy' Persico (Colombo Consigliere)

- James 'Jimmy Brown' Failla (Gambino Capodecina)
- Olympio 'Lilo' Garofalo (Gambino Capodecina)
- John Gotti (Gambino Acting Capodecina) [Acting for C. Fatico]
- Joseph 'Lefty' Lapadura (Genovese Capodecina)
- Ralph 'Bones' Mosca (Gambino Acting [?] Capodecina)
- Rosario 'Sally Young' Palmieri (Genovese Capodecina)
- Angelo 'Little Moe' Prisinzano (Bonanno Capodecina)
- Anthony 'Scappi' Scarpati (Colombo Capodecina)
- Michael 'Mickey' Zaffarano (Bonanno Capodecina)

- Gaetano 'Tommy Scar' Amato (Genovese Soldier; Lombardi Crew)
- William 'Big Willie' Amendolace (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew?)
- Salvatore Guarnieri (Gambino Soldier; Garofalo Crew) [Acting Capodecina for Garofalo?]
- Salvatore 'Sammy Meatballs' Aparo (Genovese Soldier; Filippone Crew)
- Frank 'Frankie Martin' Barranca (Gambino Soldier; Caiazzo Crew)
- Thomas Bilotti (Gambino Soldier; Direct with Castellano?)
- John 'Johnny Beans' Campanella (Genovese Soldier; DeFeo Crew)
- Frank Caruso (Genovese Member?)
- Dominick Castore (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew?)
- Dominic 'Little Dom' Cataldo (Colombo Soldier; Giannattasio Crew)
- John 'Johnny Pesche' Chiarello (Gambino Soldier; Gaggi Crew)
- Joseph 'Junior' Chilli (Bonanno Soldier) [Acting Capodecina for A. Prisinzano?]
- August Corrao (Gambino Soldier; Direct with Castellano)
- Pasquale 'Patty Box Cars' Cosoleto (Bonanno Soldier; J. Galante Crew)
- Frank DeCicco (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew)
- Ettore 'Eddie' DeCurtis (Gambino Soldier; Fatico Crew)
- 'Big John' DeGregorio (Gambino Soldier; Zingaro Crew)
- Leonard Dello (Colombo Soldier; Russo Crew)
- Nicola 'Nicky Edkins' DiCostanzo (Lucchese Member?; Furnari Crew)
- Alfred 'Al Walker' Embarrato (Bonanno Soldier; Direct with Marangello)
- Bruno Facciolo (Lucchese Soldier; Vario Crew)
- Donato 'Danny Wagons' Fatico (Gambino Soldier; Fatico Crew)
- Anthony 'Tony Lee' Guerrieri (Gambino Soldier; Fatico Crew)
- Joseph 'Joe the Cat' LaForte (Gambino Soldier; Caiazzo Crew?) [Poss. Capodecina]
- Joseph 'Buddy' LaForte Jr. (Gambino Soldier; Caiazzo Crew)
- Benjamin 'Benny Sidge' LoCicero (Colombo Soldier; Panarella Crew)
- Carmine Lombardozzi (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew)
- Paul Lombardozzi (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew)
- Accursio 'Swifty' Marinelli (Gambino Soldier; Gaggi Crew)
- Joseph 'Peanuts' Messina (Gambino Member?; Caiazzo / LaForte Crew?)
- Rocco 'Rocky' Miraglia (Colombo Soldier; Panarella Crew)
- Alex Morelli (Genovese Soldier; DeFeo Crew)
- Dominic Mundo (Gambino / Genovese Member?)
- Rosario 'Black Sam' Nastasa (Colombo Soldier; Langella Crew)
- Rudolph 'Rudy' Pipolo (Gambino Soldier; Angelone Crew)
- Carmine Romano (Genovese Member?; Frasca Crew)
- Vincent Romano (Genovese Member?; Frasca Crew)
- Anthony 'Fat Andy' Ruggiano (Gambino Soldier; Fatico Crew)
- Angelo Ruggiero (Gambino Soldier; Fatico Crew)
- Anthony 'Curly' Russo (Lucchese Soldier; LoCascio Crew)
- Modesto 'Duke' Santoro (Colombo Soldier; Scarpati Crew)
- Anthony Spero (Bonanno Soldier; J. Galante Crew)
- Thomas 'Shorty' Spero (Colombo Soldier; Langella Crew)
- Peter Tortorella (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew?)
- Anthony 'Torty' Tortorello (Lucchese Soldier; DiPalermo Crew)
- John Verra (Genovese Soldier)
- Paul 'Paulie Zac' Zaccaria (Gambino Soldier; Garofalo Crew) [Acting Capodecina for Garofalo?]

- Bartholomew 'Bobby' Borriello (Genovese Associate; Gigante Crew)
- John 'Beansy' Campanella Jr. (Genovese Associate; DeFeo Crew)
- Joseph Caruso (Family Affiliation Unknown)
- William Cutolo (Colombo Associate)
- Albert DeCicco (Gambino Associate?)
- Joseph 'Butter' DeCicco (Gambino Associate)
- Robert Fappiano (Gambino Associate)
- Salvatore Grimaldi (Gambino Associate; Caiazzo Crew)
- Frank Guidici (Gambino Associate)
- Wilred 'Willie Boy' Johnson (Gambino Associate; Fatico Crew) [FBI CI]
- Edward Lino (Gambino Associate; Direct with Dellacroce)
- Giacento 'Archie' Mannarino (Gambino Associate) [Member?]
- Nicholas 'Nicky Cowboy' Mormando (Gambino Associate; Aurello Crew)
- Joseph 'Old Man Joe' Paruta (Gambino Associate)
- Joseph Rubino (FAU)
- Gandolfo 'Buddy' Sciandra (Gambino Associate)
- Joseph 'Joe Sis' Siciliano (Gambino Associate)
- Peter 'Little Pete' Tambone (Gambino Member/Associate; Fatico Crew) [Identified in LE files as Member; Gravano claimed Associate]
- Frank Zito (FAU)

Additional observations included auto registrations for the following:

- Joseph Amato (1921-1996) [Staten Island]

- Angelo Bottazzi (1921-2000) [Bensonhurst, Brooklyn]
- Vincent Botti (1922-2006) [Dyker Heights, Brooklyn] [1974 - Indicted with Pasquale Marsala and the Bonanno Family Cosoletos]

- Salvatore Cardona (1905-1979) [Flatlands, Brooklyn]
- Benjamin Chiarizzi (1921-1984) [Baldwin, Long Island]

- Salvatore Diele (1916-1979) [SI]

- Ralph Elio (1906-1995) [Westchester Square, The Bronx]

- Joseph Gitto (1917-1992) [SI] [Poss. re Gambino Associate Frank Gitto (Fatico Crew)]
- Nicholas Grieco (1914-1990) [Bay Ridge, Brooklyn]
- Carl Gurrieri (1916-1993) [SI]

- Anthony Intranuovo (1920-1981) [Brentwood, LI]

- Vincent Marino (1931-2016) [SI]
- Paul Morano (1921-1985) [SI]

- Ernest Pergola (1909-1988) [Bath Beach, Brooklyn]

- James Romano (1932-) [SI]
- Pasquale Russo (1917-1999) [Bath Beach, Brooklyn]

- Anthony Scura (1920-2001) [SI]
- Carmine Senzino (1921-2003) [Dyker Heights, Brooklyn]
- John Stanzione (1911-1983) [Midwood, Brooklyn]

- Michael 'Nicky' Tartaglia (1910-1991) [Maspeth, Queens]

- Patsy Valerio (1912-1994) [SI]


Frank, son to Vincent and the recently appointed Gambino Underboss, was killed in an unsanctioned bombing on April 13, 1986. His wake was held April 15-16.

Attendees included:

- John Gotti (Gambino Boss)

- Joseph Massino (Bonanno Underboss)

- Joseph N. Gallo (Gambino Consigliere)

- Joseph Arcuri (Gambino Capodecina)
- Joseph 'Piney' Armone (Gambino Capodecina)
- Anthony 'Sonny' Ciccone (Gambino Capodecina)
- Joseph 'Joe Butch' Corrao (Gambino Capodecina)
- George DeCicco (Gambino Capodecina)
- Robert 'D.B.' DiBernardo (Gambino Capodecina)
- James 'Jimmy Brown' Failla (Gambino Capodecina)
- Salvatore 'Sammy Bull' Gravano (Gambino Capodecina)
- Gabriel Infanti (Bonanno Capodecina)
- Joseph 'Joe the Cat' LaForte (Gambino Capodecina)
- Frank Lino (Bonanno Capodecina)
- Frank 'Frankie Loc' LoCascio (Gambino Capodecina)
- Angelo Ruggiero (Gambino Capodecina)
- Anthony Spero (Bonanno Capodecina)
- Mario Traina (Gambino Capodecina)
- Salvatore Vitale (Bonanno Capodecina)

- William Amendolace (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew?)
- Louis 'Louie Fats' Astuto (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew)
- Salvatore 'Toddo' Aurello (Gambino Soldier; Direct with Admin)
- John Carneglia (Gambino Soldier; Ruggiero Crew)
- Dominick Castore (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew?)
- Michael Catalano (Gambino Soldier; LaForte Crew)
- Joseph 'Junior' Chilli (Bonanno Soldier; Spero Crew)
- Michael 'Mickey' Cirelli (Gambino Soldier)
- August Corrao (Gambino Soldier; Corrao Crew)
- Pasquale 'Patty Box Cars' Cosoleto (Bonanno Soldier; Spero Crew?)
- Joseph Cusimano (Gambino Soldier; Garofalo Crew)
- Louis 'Louie D.' DeFilippo (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew?)
- Joseph 'Joe Brewster' Delmonico (Gambino Soldier; Gaggi Crew?)
- Joseph Dente (Genovese Soldier)
- John Gambino (Gambino Soldier; Former T. Bilotti Crew) [Promoted to Capodecina c. 6/86]
- Louis 'Red' Giardina (Gambino Soldier; Traina Crew)
- Jack Giordano (Gambino Soldier; Armone Crew)
- Joseph Giordano (Gambino Soldier; Armone Crew)
- Gene Gotti (Gambino Soldier; Ruggiero Crew)
- Anthony 'Tony Lee' Guerrieri (Gambino Soldier; Ruggiero Crew)
- Michael 'Mikey Gal' Guerrieri (Gambino Soldier; Ruggiero Crew)
- Paul Lombardozzi (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew)
- Salvatore Mangialino (Gambino Soldier; Corrao Crew)
- John 'Johnny Mash' Mascia (Gambino Member?)
- Constantine 'Willie' Mastromarino (Gambino Soldier)
- Rocco 'Rocky' Miraglia (Gambino Soldier)
- Rosario 'Black Sam' Nastasa (Colombo Soldier; Angellino Crew?)
- Thomas 'Tommy Karate' Pitera (Bonanno Soldier; Lino Crew)
- Joseph 'Joe Sis' Siciliano (Gambino Soldier)
- Thomas 'Tommy Sparrow' Spinelli (Gambino Soldier; Failla Crew)
- Paul 'Paulie Zac' Zaccaria (Gambino Soldier; Garofalo Crew)

- Bartholomew 'Bobby' Borriello (Gambino Associate)
- Peter 'Petey Box Cars' Cosoleto (Bonanno Associate; Spero Crew?)
- Robert DeCicco (Gambino Associate; DeCicco Crew)
- Michael DiLeonardo (Gambino Associate; Garofalo Crew)
- Giuseppe Gambino (Gambino Associate)
- Peter Gotti (Gambino Associate; Ruggiero Crew)
- George Helbig (Gambino Associate; Corrao Crew)
- Edward Lino (Gambino Associate)
- Henry Motta (Gambino / Genovese Associate)
- Frank Perry (Gambino Associate)
- Dominick Pizzonia (Gambino Associate; Ruggiero Crew)
- Anthony Rampino (Gambino Associate; Ruggiero Crew)
- Louis Saccenti (Gambino Associate; Gravano Crew)
- Salvatore 'Fat Sally' Scala (Gambino Associate)
- Robert Scarpaci (Gambino Associate)
- Anthony Trentacosta (Gambino Associate; Ruggiero Crew)
- Joseph Watts (Gambino Associate)

On or around the night of DeCicco's funeral a ceremony was held where Peter Gotti and others were inducted. Edward Lino and Salvatore Scala, participants in the Castellano / Bilotti hit, were likely made in the same ceremony.

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Lucchese Family Deaths (1958-1975)

List of Lucchese Family deaths that occurred while the books were closed from 1958 to 1975.

- Frank 'Chick Wilson' Citrano (Capodecina) (6.23.1960)

- Daniel Laratro (Soldier) (7.4.1961)

- Paul 'Paulie Ham' Correale (Capodecina) (5.3.1962)
- Joseph 'Georgie' Faracco (Soldier) (5.31.1962) [Murdered]

- Joseph 'Joe Babs' Bendinelli (Soldier) (4.8.1963)
- Anthony 'Ham' Dolasco (Soldier) (10.30.1963)

- Biagio 'Benny' Pizzolato (Soldier) (9.4.1964)

- Mariano Marsalisi (Soldier) (10.1965)

- Thomas Lucchese (Boss) (7.12.1967)
- Anthony Mancuso (Soldier) (9.5.1967) [Murdered; Unsanctioned?]

- Calogero 'Charlie' Rao (Soldier) (5.1969)
- Frank Campanello (Soldier) (8.1969)

- Eugene 'Little Gene' Giannone (Soldier) (4.1970)
- Daniel Lessa (Soldier) (6.21.1970)
- Joseph Martino (Soldier) (8.12.1970)

- Nunzio Pomilla (Soldier) (1.22.1971)
- Salvatore 'Sally the Blond' LoProto (Soldier) (4.2.1971)
- James 'Jimmy Doyle' Plumeri (Former Capodecina) (9.17.1971) [Murdered]

- John Nuccio (Soldier) (7.1972)
- Vito LaSala (Soldier) (10.1972)
- Nicholas Tolentino (Soldier) (10.1972)

- Joseph 'Joe Calabrese' Lagano (Capodecina) (2.1973)
- Joseph 'Joe Palisades' Rosato (Former Capodecina) (4.20.1973)
- Michael 'Mickey Prunes' Scrimenti (Soldier) (7.1973)
- Nick 'Montair' Capra (Soldier) (11.10.1973)

- John 'Big John' Ormento (Capodecina?) (3.1974)
- John 'Charlie Scupete' Gaudio (Soldier) (5.22.1974)

- Carmine 'Fats' Taglialatela (Soldier) (5.1.1975)
- Stefano 'Steve' LaSala (Former Acting Boss) (11.1975)

Total: 29
Murders: 3 [1 Possibly Unsanctioned]

The above figure is only a baseline estimate. There are several possible members who died in this time frame as well, along with an indeterminate number of complete unknowns.

Possible members include Mike Capra (DOD 10.1967), Edward D'Argenio (DOD 9.15.1964) and Donato 'Dempsey' Laieta (DOD 8.30.1968).

Mike Capra was father to Lucchese members Daniel aka 'Danny Hogan' and Joseph aka 'Joe Hooks'. An FBI CI reported in 1979 that the Capra brothers' father was a ‘high ranking organized crime figure’, but the nickname and bio details provided by the source more closely match Mike's younger brother Nick.

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Gambino Surveillance (1986)

March 24, 1986 FBI surveillance photographs of Gambino Underboss Frank DeCicco and Gambino Soldier Louis 'Red' Giardina:

The pair was captured meeting outside DeCicco's social club located at 1628 Bath Ave in Bath Beach, Brooklyn.

Frank's father Vincent 'Bozey / Boozy' DeCicco (1913-1979), whose family came to the US from Potenza in Basilicata, was a Gambino Soldier.

Vincent's younger brother George (1929-2014) was also a made member, having been inducted around the time of Frank's promotion to Capodecina in July 1984. George took over the crew after his nephew's appointment as Underboss.

Louis Giardina's father Joseph (1896-1972) and brothers Salvatore 'Teddy' (1921-2018) and Joseph Jr. (1933-2014) were also Gambino members. The elder Joseph and his wife Maria Sorce were both from the comune of Mussomeli in Caltanissetta, Sicily.

The Giardinas reported first to Capodecina Giuseppe Traina (1883-1979) and then to Traina's son Mario (1915-1994), also nicknamed Red.

Frank DeCicco will be subject of a future post, although with the more well-known figures the format will consist of a straightforward chronology summarizing various law enforcement reports and court documents.

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Thomas Scardino (Bonanno)

Thomas Scardino was a member of the Bonanno Family.

Born Gaetano Scardino on January 23, 1897 in Camporeale, Palermo to Angelo and Angelina Beninati.

Angelo arrived at Ellis Island aboard the S.S. Scotia on November 9, 1897, destined for 'uncle' Antonio Governale at 104 Franklin Ave in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood.

Governale, also from Camporeale, was likely an early leader in the Bonanno Family.

Angelo took up residence at 594 Flushing Ave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and worked as a painter.

Thomas arrived in the United States aboard the S.S. Ancona in March 1913 and took up residence on Flushing Ave near his father, who died three years later.

On April 29, 1917 he married Concetta Saladino in Brooklyn. The bride's parents also hailed from Camporeale. Antonio and Vincenzo Lecato (Licata?) acted as witnesses.

The Scardinos moved to 205 Wallabout St in Williamburg. Thomas worked as a tailor with L. Cohen located at 62 West 14th St near Manhattan's West Village.

On February 14, 1927 his Declaration of Intention was filed in the US District Court in Brooklyn.

On April 28, 1930 he filed Petition for Citizenship with Lawrence Alaimo and in-law Joseph Saladino as witnesses. He became a naturalized US citizen that summer.

Lawrence Joseph Alaimo (1902-1949), possibly from Caltanissetta, resided at 29 Ellery St in Bedford-Stuyvesant. He worked as a chauffeur and also operated a pool room.

Joseph Saladino (1888-1971?) resided at 440 Marcy Ave in Williamsburg and, like Scardino, listed his occupation as tailor.

Three years previous a younger Joseph Saladino (DOB c. 1902) was shot and wounded outside his residence next door at 433 Marcy.

In November 1932 Scardino applied for a US Passport in Brooklyn, seeking a two-month trip to visit his sister in Sicily. He then worked as a soap maker with a florist on Wallabout St in Williamsburg. His witness on the application was salesman / importer Charles Giambalvo of 521 Atkins Ave in Brooklyn's East New York neighborhood.

Calogero 'Charles' Giambalvo (1891-1963) was born in Santa Margherita di Belice, Agrigento.

Scardino was likely a made member of the Bonanno Family by the time he became a citizen.

Among his associates were the LaBruzzo brothers Frank and Lucio, also from Camporeale. An FBI report later from 1965 noted: "[Scardino] was a close friend of [Lucio] in Italy and renewed the friendship in this country." Lucio died in 1960. Frank went on to briefly serve as the Bonanno Family's Acting Boss.

On May 18, 1936 Salvatore Ferrugia, another future Acting Boss, married Scardino's niece Martha at St. Joseph Patron Church in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Martha was the daughter of Anthony, brother to Thomas, and Marietta Saladino. Jennie Alaimo and Archibald Vaccaro acted as witnesses.

By the early 1940s Thomas Scardino and his wife were living at 414 Stanhope St in Bushwick, Brooklyn. His World War II Draft Card lists self-employment a couple of blocks south at 182 Wyckoff Ave. By 1947 the Scardinos moved to 1464 Greene Ave, located adjacent to the Wyckoff Ave business address.

In November 1947 Concetta Scardino purchased seven acres of land in the town of Gardiner, located about seventy miles north of New York City in Ulster County.

By 1950 the Scardinos were living in Gardiner at P.O. Box 175. The property consisted of the main house, multiple cabins and a work shop where Thomas operated the Gardiner Cabinet and Woodworking Company.

On March 14, 1955 Thomas went into partnership with Salvatore Ricci and renamed the business to Gardiner Cabinet Making and Woodworking Company. The partnership dissolved early the following year and the business reverted to its original name.

Thomas remained completely unknown to the FBI until around late 1964. Investigations into Bonanno Members Frank LaBruzzo and Giuseppe Grimaldi discovered phone calls to the Scardino home in Gardiner.

Thomas still ran his woodworking business, primarily handling the construction of shipping crates for a local company. The Scardinos also rented out two or three cabins as well as the second floor of their residence.

Locals provided the FBI with general background on Scardino, noting the family enjoyed a good reputation in the community. One source reported: "Scardino rarely has any company at his home but leaves the area almost every weekend to visit Brooklyn or Long Island."

On September 17, 1965 Thomas was injured in an automobile accident near Highland, New York. He suffered a fractured wrist and lacerations to his ankle and feet and spent the next month in Benedictine Hospital.

On November 18, 1965 Giuseppe Grimaldi was interviewed by the FBI at his residence in Queens. He denied all knowledge of LCN and stated he considered it 'an insult' to think anyone he associated with was a member of organized crime. When asked specifically about Thomas Scardino, Grimaldi claimed he was 'not acquainted with anyone by this name'.

David McDowell, who formerly lived on the second floor of the Scardino residence, was interviewed by the FBI in January 1966: "...McDowell stated that Scardino has never had a large group of guests but often has a few people up New York for the weekend. He recalled these individuals drove Cadillacs and Imperials and, during the time they were visiting Scardino, only Italian was spoken. McDowell stated he was never introduced to any of these people and cannot, therefore, identify the guests. McDowell stated, although Scardino has a cabinetmaking business, he never has had much business and certainly has not made enough money on which to live. Scardino has no apparent need for money as he always seems to have money and never pressed McDowell for the rent."

Two months later McDowell reported that 'Uncle Mike' LNU, believed to be a brother of Scardino's wife, was now living with the family.

David McDowell's father Warren, Justice of the Peace in Gardiner, was interviewed that June: "[McDowell] advised he has known Thomas Scardino since the time Scardino moved to Gardiner, which would be about 15 to 20 years. He stated Scardino is a very quiet person who enjoys a good reputation in the area...According to McDowell, the only person with whom Scardino seems to be closely associated is one Thomas Salterella who owns summer bungalows on Route 208 in Gardiner known as 'Uncle Tom's Cabins'. McDowell recalled that several years ago the New York State Police raided a crap game at Salterella's cabins and many well-known hoodlums were arrested on gambling charges. McDowell stated that Salterella rented the cabin to these people. McDowell stated, as far as he knows, Scardino is not involved in any type of illegal activities."

November 1966

Scardino was tracked down for interview at his residence in November 1966. Several photographs were taken with a hidden camera during questioning, a tactic commonly used by Agents at the time to get pictures of the more obscure figures.

Thomas Scardino died at his residence on September 15, 1978.

Two days later a wake was held at the Pine Funeral Home in New Paltz, New York, after which he was returned to Gardiner for burial in Saint Charles Borromeo Cemetery.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Nicholas Bufanio (Genovese)


Nicholas 'Joe Bones' Bufanio was a member of the Genovese Family.

Born December 19, 1916 in Newark, New Jersey to Simplicio and Lena Toto Bufanio. Father from Nocera Inferiore comune of Salerno, Campania. Mother from Castelpetroso comune of Isernia, Molise.

The Bufanios resided at 89 Nichols St in Newark's Ironbound neighborhood. Simplicio worked as a candy maker a couple of blocks north on Monroe St.

Bufanio's first arrest came in February 1932, picked up as a juvenile offender for stealing gasoline.

At the time Nicholas was employed, probably with his father, at the Charms Candy Company.

On July 28, 1934 arrested for auto theft and hit and run. The case was dismissed the following month.

By 1935 the Bufanios had moved a few doors over to 119 Nicholas St. While Simplicio continued working at the candy factory, Nicholas began a decades-long career at Port Newark.

An arrest for gambling in May 1935, followed by two more in the first half of 1937, resulted in small fines.


Through the remainder of the decade Bufanio was arrested at least seven times on charges ranging from gambling to assault and battery.  The cases were either dismissed or ended with small fines and suspended sentences.

By 1948 Bufanio resided at 196 Johnson Ave in the South Broad Street section of Newark. He caught his first and only major conviction that year.

On the night of January 21, 1948 twenty-five-year old Constantine 'Gus the Greek' Thomas was fatally shot at a tavern located on Broad St. Thomas was hit multiple times in the arm and back and died en route to City Hospital. George Uzzolino received a superficial scalp wound.

The next day Newark PD issued a warrant for Bufanio's arrest. Apprehended one week later, he and longshoreman Anthony Giantomasi were formally charged with murder and assault.

Bufanio ultimately resolved the case by pleading no contest to one count of manslaughter and received a two-to-four year sentence in June 1948.

He was released from the State Prison in Trenton on August 28, 1949.

Source: The Herald-News

On November 30, 1949 thirty-eight-year old George 'Muzzy' Uzzolino was shotgunned to death while entering his car in Downtown Newark. The victim, wounded in the Thomas case that sent Bufanio to prison one year prior, was shot down by an assailant firing from a passing automobile.

By 1953 Bufanio resided with wife Vera at 1542 Everett Circle in Union, New Jersey. He worked as a machine operator for Lehigh Warehouse Incorporated at Port Newark.

The FBI later summarized an incident that occurred during a September 1955 meeting of dockworkers held at the Amvets Hall on Walnut St. The report noted: "Teddy Gleason, ILA General Organizer, was talking to the longshoremen when [Redacted] asked 'could you tell us Mr. Gleason why we're going on strike?' Nicholas Bufania turned and punched [Redacted] in the face."

By 1958 Bufanio was a made member of the Genovese Family and an influential figure at Port Newark.

On August 20, 1959 an FBI informant noted Bufanio's importance and identified him as an associate of Genovese Member Eugene 'Gene' Catena.

On January 12, 1960 an FBI informant described Bufanio as 'Gene Catena's man in the Port Newark area'.

He was then foreman with the Auto Terminal Corporation, overseeing the unloading and distribution of European cars to local dealerships.

Gene Catena (1960s)

By 1963 Gene Catena, brother to Genovese Underboss Gerard, was a Family Capodecina headquartered in New Jersey.

Members of the Catena crew included Soldiers Ralph Belvedere, Nicholas Bufanio, Don 'Fats' Ferraro, Michael 'Mickey Gerard' Geralle, Angelo Lapadura, Peter LaPlaca, John Lardiere, Dr. Philip Noto, Joseph 'Joe Peck' Pecora, Thomas 'Timmy Murphy' Pecora, Daniel Polidori, Anthony 'Tony Nino' Saita, Robert Tarantino and Bufanio's uncle, Frank Carmen 'Fat Todd' Toto.

As a Soldier first under Catena and then Peter LaPlaca, who took over the crew following Catena's death in August 1967, Bufanio maintained influence over activities at Port Newark.

Bufanio (1960s)

In addition to his role as foreman with Auto Terminal, he oversaw gambling operations and was later described by one source as the 'primary pick up man for numbers' at the Port.

The last mention of Bufanio in available documents is from March 1979, when an informant reported his presence in Miami the previous month.

By that time a rising power on the New Jersey waterfront was another of 'Fat Todd' Toto's nephews, recently inducted Genovese member Tino Fiumara.

Nicholas Bufanio died May 16, 1998 in Union, New Jersey.

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Charles Caci (Los Angeles)

c. 1985

Charles 'Bobby Milano' Caci was a member of the Los Angeles Family.

Born October 16, 1936 in Buffalo, New York to Alfonzo and Josephine Dina. Father from Porto Empedocle comune of Agrigento, Sicily. Mother from Palermo.

The Caci family resided at 82 10th St in Buffalo's West Village district. Alfonzo worked at the Curtiss-Wright plant located in the adjacent town of Kenmore.

During the 1950s Charles, using the name Bobby Milano, began what would be a lifelong involvement with the entertainment industry.

By the 1960s he was also one of several Caci brothers associated with Buffalo's Magaddino Family.

Eldest brother Onofrio aka 'Al' was a made member of the Family. Vincent aka 'Jimmy' and Salvatore aka 'Sam' were Associates.

In June 1967 Charles and others were indicted for Hobbs Act conspiracy concerning a planned robbery in Los Angeles. Co-defendants included Magaddino Underboss Frederico Randaccio, Capodecina Pasquale Natarelli and Associate Stephen Cino.

The group was convicted at trial later that year and Caci received a ten year sentence.

In mid-June 1985 the FBI included Charles Caci in a list of newly identified members of the Los Angeles Family.

Jimmy Caci (1984)

He was likely sponsored for membership by his brother Jimmy, a Capodecina who joined the Family a couple of years prior.

In May 1987 the brothers were indicted by USAO Los Angeles on Federal racketeering charges.

Among the thirteen co-defendants were Family Boss Peter Milano, Underboss Carmen Milano, Capodecina Luigi Gelfuso Jr. and three other Family members, including fellow Buffalo transplant Stephen Cino. Also indicted was Bonanno Soldier Arthur 'Artie' Franconeri from Bayonne, New Jersey.

An article in The Desert Sun noted: "[Caci] and others allegedly obtained property from two gamblers by extortion and from a Palm Springs bookmaker." The article described a March 1985 meeting between Charles and the unnamed bookmaker: "[Victim was ordered] to give a portion of his gambling business to Caci or his business would be closed."

The Los Angeles Times reported: "[In] April 1985, one of the potential [Family] members was told that a man named Mike Murray had won money in a card game from [Caci]...Murray was to return the money 'or get his head broken'."

The Caci brothers and five others reached a global plea agreement in late March 1988.

On May 16, 1988 Charles and Jimmy were each given prison terms of one year and one day.

Nearly ten years later the brothers were named in another Federal racketeering case, this one out of Las Vegas.

On February 3, 1998 sixteen were indicted on various counts that included extortion, money laundering, fraud and murder conspiracy.

Returning co-defendants included Family Underboss Carmen Milano and Soldiers Stephen Cino and Rocco Zangari. Capodecina Louis Caruso and Magaddino Member Robert Panaro were also charged.

On January 8, 2001 Charles pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy, admitting his role in a plot to sell fraudulent traveler's checks, and was sentenced to four months confinement at his residence in Palm Springs.

He died January 17, 2006 and was buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Cheektowaga, New York.

2007 LE Report (DeCavalcante)

Francesco Guarraci (1990s) On December 3, 2007 FBI Newark Field Office reported: " [Information has been received] from three independ...